Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to produce my driver's license?
You will be expected to produce a valid driver’s license when you collect the Avis vehicle. The license must have been valid for a minimum of 1 year and the driver must be of a minimum age of 25 years.

What happens if I don’t have a credit card?
The clients must be in possession of a valid credit card even though the payment of the rental is made by a voucher .An authorization of the card is to be taken to ensure that there are sufficient funds to cover the excess charges in case of damage to the vehicle.

What is an Excess charge?
An excess charge of Rs 25,000 or Rs 28,000 is debited from your credit card which is then released when the vehicle has been returned in the same condition as it was on collection.

What happens if I return the vehicle late?
At Avis rental days work in 24 hours increments. Therefore all vehicles rented must be returned at the same time that they were initially taken. Please note : We do however allow 60 minutes leeway , thereafter a charge is levied for additional hours.

What do I do if I want to extend my rental?
You need to contact the Avis office where you have picked up the rental or the Avis Agent before the return date/time given. Inform them of your new date and time. Also be advised that any changes to agreements can result in a rate change.

What happens if I return the vehicle before the given date?
A penalty fee will applied depending on the number of days.

What happens if I do not refuel the vehicle?
The client will be charged the applicable amount to refill the tank and a refueling charge.

What are the charges regarding delivery and collection fees?
Delivery / Collection of a vehicle within office hours – Rs 175
We do not deliver after office hours unless delivery/collection is done at our Airport office.
Opening hours of Airport office for delivery/collection : 5h00 to 21h00 everyday.

What must I do in case of an accident or damages to the vehicle?
Please contact the telephone number given to you by the Avis Agent immediately.

What happens if I am late for collection of my Avis Vehicle?
If you have booked for collection at the Airport office  and you have given us your flight details , We will be informed of your flight delay and our Agent will wait for your arrival.

If you have booked for collection in an hotel and you have more than 1 hour delay , you can call the Avis office and inform us, failing to do so, we will reallocate your vehicle and you will be charged a rental fee of 1 day.

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